Monday, February 8, 2016

What Would I Tell My Younger Self?

     So "The Mighty", came up with this idea, please check them out on Facebook or something...But what are 5 things I would tell my younger self about living with a disability...Keep in mind I have a triple whammie of CP, depression, and anxiety...So what would I tell myself?

1. That more people will love you than you realize.
Which is true, when i was younger, I had no idea that so many people would want to be friends with me. Nor did I think I would ever be running my own blog. But let's face it. I LOVE all the love I have received from my friends,family, and former classmates. Without your love and support, I would not be doing this still. I also wish I had known this sooner in life, and I would have been way more outgoing in high school for example.

2. Life is going to be hard, but not impossible.
Life is more difficult with my trifecta of disabilities. Hard, because you will always get stares, not knowing the full extent. Hard because there will be times you are so frustrated, all you can do is stare, at the ones you care about the most. You will feel frozen, unable to do anything but scream, hoping that it will get you some sort of release from the voices in your head, the hallucinations around you.The questioning of what's real, but through this you will make more friends, and have more family out there than you realize-making the struggle bearable, although all the bad things will just pile up indefinitely it seems. You will come out of it, stronger than you ever thought possible.

3. You are capable of anything.Whether you do it or not...
The people in my life have made this so, whether it be a roller coaster,escalator, stairs, You can do it. It's just the question of whether you really want to or not. P.E. will not be your friend, that rope is not safe for you to climb, although that one teacher's aide is right, you could have tried, you just didn't want to. Someone, even a perfect stranger, will always be there to help you. You just have to adapt. Survival of the fittest, and look at you, surviving and shit!

4. Not everyone will be willing to help you.
There are some that will be unkind. They will physically beat you, threaten to kill you even. Which is why you have to make sure and value the ones that do help you. Not everyone will have CP since birth, nor will they be given the extraordinary gift of vulnerability, that God has given you. No, some think they are indestructible. You may sometimes wish to have this able-bodied way of life, but it's not for you. You will never outgrow being able to teach strangers, sometime friends, or even family, how to help their fellow human being. This too, will make you stronger.

5. Your attitude is infectious.
I live a life full of primarily positivity. Despite all the hardships, your attitude is infectious, contagious, and will spread to the masses of people you come into contact with. Your smile will be constant, you will learn to leave anyone, be they friend or stranger smiling as well. There will be only a mere few this will not catch on with, and for them, you can only hope they seek professional help.

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