Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nobody's Perfect

It's true, nobody's perfect. Neither am I. But where do you draw the line, when pointing it out...

One day at work, we had a new girl we shall call "Shamallama", now this girl was nice enough, sweet enough, talked too much...Seriously, we had a conversation about small talk. She asked me questions, then questioned my answer...And had some aversion to making boxes, which is usually an epidemic at my workplace. She even wanted to go to church with Ma and me-she asked, not us.

But it got to the point where I was taking the trash out, or going to the bathroom and laughing hysterically to get away from her, because she would not shut up! Yes, Shamallama, had gotten the better of me, and by this point I was THISSSS close to going back to the behavioral health unit at my local hospital. So I decided to Windex the cases...

Now usually I do just fine, but that day, I missed a few spots, Shamallama, was happy to point them out, no judgement, once, twice, and then I lost count how many times. She then said "nobody's perfect" (mind you, I've been in a choir for how many years,  and sang solos how many times? but by then I'd lost it, my voice had gone up an octave or so, and I was doing a Mickey Mouse giggle...Also, I had warned my coworkers several times that if I sing at work, we're in trouble).

So I stated quietly, "Don't make me sing Hannah Montana at you..." Shamallama (who claimed to be good at diffusing crisis situations earlier that day) kept right on talking, as if I said nothing, as if my voice had not gone up, and was not giggling like a cartoon character. She left me no choice, so I started singing "Nobody's perfect, I gotta work it..." and by then another coworker came and got Shamallama out of my sight... She was sent home not long after that...

I am one to pray, and that night, I prayed for a miracle, as I was going to have to work with Shamallama again the next day. My prayers were answered. She called Ma at about 4am that day saying she broke her leg, I like to think my praying was just a coincidence to that, but either way, there was a miracle that kept me off the behavioral health unit floor, once again. Now, Shamallama is getting the help she needs, and "Smeagol is free"!

*Note, I used a lot of character references, none of which I have any rights to, but as I am not profiting from this blog, I see no harm*

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