Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What I Can't Stand...

     Let's face it, we all have things we just can't stand, here's mine, can you relate, or am I just weird? You decide...

1. People that make you pause the movie while they go to the bathroom.
HELLO! How self important are you, that you either cannot bare to watch the movie again, or how bad is your bladder control? Like what disease do you have, to where you have to urinate that many times during a movie? THEN, I might pause the movie to no complaint....But seriously, would you have done that in a theater, say, during the latest Captain America premiere, NO! You would be shunned, possibly kicked out for being disruptive! This is the real reason, we cannot be friends, -person at a friend's house, that made us stop the movie,- who shall remain nameless...You're hydrated, lay off the water already!

2. "Bro"
You name it, "Bro", "Brosef", or Bromances, they are annoying! Not everyone is a damn brother to you! That would be impossible! I swear, if "Bubba Joe Jack" (one of them) and "Cletus" start calling each other Bro, or worse yet, Brosef, I'm walking out on both...or puking, and I will not be cleaning it up! I mean, that's sweet in a way, but I don't go around calling all females "sis", only those that get dubbed as my "sister" by some random electrician/plumber (I'm still not sure which!) because we have the same nose, and were talking because we know the same people!

3. People who refuse to say please and thank you.
Like, I get forgetting to say it, we all do, probably when we shouldn't. But, yes, I mean people who refuse, because they "were not raised" to do so. My Momma would throw a fit if I ever said that to anyone! *Cough* "Ethel" *Cough*. Yet these people still exist, and work in the customer service field successfully, how? Who really wants to know...

4. Waiting for a call/email/letter back about an interview/you name it.
Far more annoying then any bromance...Longer than is comfortable...Far worse than awkward silence. I'm hopefully waiting for a response from at least one of my interviews, one that I really want.

In the meantime...I've sent out emails/tweets about guest blogging projects to, Depressed Cake Shop(written something that should be published soon)...This Is My Brave, I've been in contact with, about possibly the end of May writing something for them. Sweatpants & Coffee, I've sent an email, and tweeted to about possibly writing something for them. I've been in touch with The Mighty, about checking out my blog/giving ideas for what to write about for them, Some of their stuff ends up in National papers, just sayin', and as always, possibly writing something for the #CPChatNow website, which you should google, and check out, should we ever figure something out... Name dropping, so totally name dropping, all of the sites that I mentioned, you should check out on Facebook on their respective pages!

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