Sunday, May 22, 2016

Me Is Okay

It came to my attention lately, that one of my dear friends from middle school and beyond, whom I've known since the September 11th, was told she was scary, and that it is not okay to be her. My assessment of the situation is that these people/ this person, do/es not know her well. That they are intimidated by her, and have no other way to express their feelings of fear.

I know all to well, that trying to change who you are, eliminate a nervous giggle, does not work. It's the little things that make all the difference, it's the little things that will hopefully drive you to leave a terrible situation, from the sounds of it, my friend, who shall remain nameless.

Find the people who are your equals, who are not in the least bit intimidated by you. Your true friends like me, love who you are, we embrace your weirdness, just as you embrace ours. I know you are a incredibly strong woman, and have been since the day we met. You're a tough nut to crack, which is why I worry as to who is telling you this, who is making you feel this way? Me, I know your opinion is always honest to you, true to who you are, even if we may not want to hear it... You've never been one to hold yourself back from your truth, don't start now.

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