Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This One's For You

To a dear friend, on what should be, her Golden Birthday, I believe,
So I WILL get your card in the mail today, but I also know you're one of the biggest supporters of the blog, so I  thought I would write a short little post, just for you. Never doubt that since getting the application at the bakery from me, I was 110% hoping you would come back, as I could already tell how much of an awesome person you are.  It did not take long for me to consider you a friend, little did I know, you would become one of my dearest, truest, friends, in what is actually a friendship of less than 2 years. You've seen me at my worst, dealing with my worst foes-anxiety & depression, and helped me realize I was all upset over something as silly as a vacuum cleaner, and someone who was only pretending...I still can't believe I got that upset over a musician that thinks "Eye of the Tiger" was Journey and not Survivor-seriously!

What I'm trying to say, is thank you for always putting up with my craziness/silliness, hopefully I've been there for you too! It seems like I've known you way longer-but the bakery has that effect on people, also thank you for always including me, despite my reserved nature.

You truly are a wonderful friend, and I'm ever so lucky to call you such.
Happy Birthday,

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  1. Wow! I've never been the subject of a blog before! Thank you for holding me in such high regard. I understand what you mean about the time flying by, as I was thinking about you and our bakery days on my walk this morning. ( Getting back to the bakery is one of my main motivations) I do indeed support your blog and I can't wait for more!