Thursday, August 11, 2016

So, A Lot's Happened

     My hopes by blogging about this, is that I can finally begin to move past it, rather than let it consume me. For those that may not know already, somehow, It hasn't been all that long since I was released from the hospital. I was there for 2 1/2 weeks. Why? You ask, a brain clot, my reply. I  had headaches for a few days prior, thinking it was developing into a migraine. Then one night as I was trying to take my nightly pills, I couldn't open, let alone grip the can of pop-my Mom had to open. It was then my Mom tried to take me to the hospital-having been in the hospital before under different circumstances, I was not looking forward to it. My mother requested I grip her right hand with my left, and she would take me home,to call First Nurse. I squeezed as hard as I could, and we went home. Upon calling First Nurse, I explained about my symptoms, not being able to grip the can,my head having hurt the past few days, feeling as if it had exploded...little did I know. We again headed towards the ER in town, this time willingly. They quickly decided I needed 2 shots in the buttock. Then whisked me away for a scan of my head,I'm glad they did-what they found was the brain  clot, or bleeding on the brain-by the time they got me back to the room they knew it, I then went back down a second time, for another scan. After this scan they then told myself and my parents that they had a choice between U of I or Mercy hospital, where they could treat it. My parents decided on Mercy, as it was easiest to get to/closest to home.I was strapped in and lifted into the back of the ambulance, upon arriving at Mercy I found in that 20 minute ride, maybe, that I had lost the ability to talk coherently. So while my mother continued on talking about how smart and intelligent I was, all I could do was babble incoherently. I don't remember the IV being put in my arm, but there was throughout my stay. I remember 2 very loud scans, where the result was that the clot had thankfully been stabilized. Please don't ask me when I went in, I don't remember, all I know was that I was there for the longest 2 1/2 weeks of my entire life...I was also thankful when the speech therapist let me eat regular foods, as mashed potatoes and gravy, one of my faves, got old quick. Upon leaving the ICU, I entered the hospitalists floor, meaning I was progressing in my recovery, and that I just had to reach the right levels before I could be released, I'd like to say that part was quick, but no, it wasn't. But what I did get was patio privileges while there, at least. It only delayed the blood work people, that always left me feeling like a human pincushion, not on purpose, it's just how I felt, most of them were quite kind people, and best of all, quick about it. After the 2 1/2 weeks though, I was released the day of the Ingrid Michaelson concert. I went for a while, then realized I needed to get home and take my meds, so away like Cinderella at the ball I went, to get home before 10pm. We made it, just in time. I took my pills and went to bed, the end...Not actually, I'll be on certain medication/blood thinners for 6 months-darn-no rugby or soccer...because I never-played-those to-begin-with...Then there's a chance I could come off those all together if there's no bad genes, which so far, nothing's bad. So it's looking like this was all due to the birth control not sitting well with me. But who really knows?