Thursday, August 25, 2016

Funny Thing

So, I was at work yesterday finishing up with a customer *phone rings* Bubba Joe Jack (one of them) answers it. *He comes out to the counter, where I'm waiting on a customer*
Bubba- "Your Mom is on the phone, she'll hold till you're available" (In a hushed tone as if someone died, or possibly even I was going to...I'm not for a very long time though...)
Me-(Wondering who died?) "Okay."
*takes phone call* Me-"Hello?"
Mom-"Did you take your (blood thinner)pill?"
Mom-"I'll see you when you get home then!"
*Goodbyes exchanged, call ended*
*Me-walks out front to where Bubba is sweeping*
Bubba- "Did you talk to her already?"*Slightly freaked out/everything okay? tone*
Me- "Yes." *pauses-then in a "you're not my boyfriend/friend/brother/anything to me," tone* "Thank you."
*Conversation Done*
Way not to care-right? Like, stop acting...You still care Bubba...HAhaha, so freaked out, so funny!To me at least...

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