Saturday, October 8, 2016

What's Up?

So what's up? You might ask...
     Well I started the memoir over, same title, different direction, happier with it. Talked to a book publisher about the whole writing process, so feeling better about that.
     Went to a dear friend's wedding, danced basically the whole time I was able to at the reception, and caught the bouquet with "Single Ladies" by Beyonce playing in the background, at least in my mind-still quite different than hearing things.
     I got a job at a well-known bank as a contract employee-sort of-still waiting on the damn background check to clear, hopefully I'll get to start Tuesday. Otherwise I lose the job, which would be really disappointing. Sorry if I got everyone's hopes up for nothing!
     Also, in the process of driving from Ames to West Des Moines and back, got a flat tire and drove all the way home before my Mom got home and told me, oops!

So yet again surviving, as always, despite having a cold that just won't go away...

Funny story, so my first college roommate-kind of a complete freshman whore, as in she used to bring guys other than her boyfriend back to the dorm, and I'd wake up with a used condom stuck to the bottom of my Croc in the morning, at 3:30am. Anywho, she decided to go skydiving one day...

She then brought a male friend from the dorms back to our dorm in broad daylight, who asks me : "Lindsay, why didn't you go skydiving?"

My reply  : "I had to do laundry..."

End of the conversation.

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