Sunday, October 16, 2016

So He Sends Me An Article...

     This may start off sounding like a joke, but I swear it's not...

So my brother sends me an article about a straight male porn star, why? For those that do not know either of us that well-you may ask yourselves. The only answer I have for you, is that a close brother/sister relationship, always seems strange, take Angelina and her brother for example, to those that are not a part of it. Secondly, not only is this person a supposed porn star, that may do gay porn for the right price, they also have Cerebral Palsy.

     This brings me to MY idea-no, it has nothing to do with porn...People with Cerebral Palsy SOMETIMES are viewed as non-sexual, when in fact, thanks to #CPChatNow, and having blogged about my previous relationship(from age 5-9,no, not a sexual relationship, but that totally counts when people ask your permission in high school, to ask them out), I can tell you,I am straight, and many people with CP have relationships all the time, be they straight,gay,lesbian, bi or any other definition you would like to use.

     When asked if I am the marrying type? My answer is no. But on the other hand I did catch the bouquet, and who knows what I'll be thinking come ten years down the road, or so on...Right now I'm just trying to do my job, "I've gotta lot of living to do" to quote "Bye,Bye Birdie", before I even think about dating seriously, and I see no point in me dating, if not going towards a common end, of that phase of life. Wasting my time, I think not. I like the memes that say, "I love me, I think I'm the one." Right now, but as always that could change, it may not, depends on who I think might be "the one" for me, if I ever find them, if I ever want to find them, right now, I see no need. My life is great, why risk that with one person coming in, and changing everything...Also, as I've mentioned before dating sites kinda creep me out, even though I know people from #CPChatNow, that seem very happy because of them. Good for them! I wish them the best!

Brother, thank you for reminding me, it's important to note people with Cerebral Palsy, have relationships all the time, if we want.

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