Tuesday, November 8, 2016

See Ya Later

     I once was asked by my first unrelated freshman roommate at ISU from Minnesota, "Why does everyone in Iowa say 'see ya?' " My answer to her was this, "Goodbye is too definite, see ya, means that your paths may cross again, pleasantly." This just confused her more, then again she fit her stereotype to a "T". Freshman girl pledging to an engineering sorority, that played rugby, with majority being her lesbian sorority sisters, nothing wrong if you are a lesbian, some of the closest people to me are gay or lesbian, my frosh roommate just always seemed to tell me when she had some drop by the dorm. If it was a male- I would just find a used condom on the bottom of my croc, after I left the dorm...So I guess I should be glad she was not afraid to tell myself when there were 3+females in the room. Haha...Back to my title...

     I once asked my very first Manager why it wasn't okay to say "Goodbye" to customers at the bakery, at the age of 14. While I don't remember word-for-word, the overall jest was that Goodbye is too definite, we want people to come back to the bakery, "See ya" being short for "See ya next time/later", I understood perfectly, and have being saying "see ya" ever since then.

     This brings me to, when I first started going to church regularly, it was after my Dad had left the building, so to speak. I felt okay going to church again, having been a choir girl since the 5th grade, the music always pulled me back to the church. Having been a college grad, I also had nowhere to sing, have that outlet for expression that had nothing to do with my life as a night manager at the time. It was some time in the winter of 2010-11 that I called up the church,and asked how to join the choir, after hearing a time and talent sermon from the Pastor, to one of the office workers. Coincidentally she showed up to the next choir rehearsal too. I was somewhat unsure of what to expect, I was certainly the youngest person there, and had not sang or auditioned for a choir since my Junior year of college. Who welcomed me to the choir, well, our former choir director of course. I was taken in, to the part of the service I loved the most-the music. So while I did not say my goodbyes,earlier, I will say my see ya's the only way I know how-via blog, I know it's been a week or so, but I've been busy, writing my heart out for my memoir and working hard, per my usual...Stop in to the bakery and say "Hi" sometime, no being a stranger, and you will be missed...

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