Sunday, January 14, 2018

I Like to Make Things Difficult. The 100th Blog.

     If ever there were a person that makes things far too difficult, I am that person...I am not just happy with one job offer, no, I need to keep my interviews to other places, so that I may make murky my path on this earth. Therefore making the decision harder and have hurt feelings, as undoubtedly, someone will miss out on knowing me! What? Do I think the world revolves around me? No! Absolutely not! I can and will most assuredly be replaced in their life, by someone far more attractive perhaps, more able-bodied, who knows maybe some dreamy-looking hipster guy with a messy golden man-bun for a hairdo (knowing my luck).

     But isn't that always the case, someone is always stronger, faster,better looking, or is some hipster guy/dude with a messy golden man-bun, which if you see one leaving an interview at a bookstore interview before you go in for your interview, rest assured- you will not get that job...That's bookstore gold! How can you possibly blame the bookstore, they have to.

     Back to my point, the earth does not revolve around me, nor you, dear Buttercup. Time to get over it, put my big girl britches or sassy leggings in my case on, go on the interviews, break some hearts, and go on the path that prayer and or God would have me go down. Which way? Who knows? But I plan on finding out...Stay tuned dear readers...

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