Saturday, January 6, 2018

Will Work For Cookies...Apparently...( Post #99)

     It was brought to my attention by my own little (haha) self that I have been blogging nothing lately, in a recent #CPChatNow ( a twitter community for those with CP-or who want to know about life with CP because of a loved one or friend). I've made it my resolution to write a little each day, be it in one of my many paper journals that cannot be witnessed worldwide, which is no fun for me, or online for it to be viewed by loyal readers (friends and family mostly) wherever they happen to be. If something is not blog worthy I save it till it is, then publish it.

     Which brings me to, I apparently will work for cookies now, in my newly unemployed state...A week and some (by the time I publish this) ago at the bakery (that I previously worked at for 9.5+ years I might add). *Note to future employers- please pay me at least $30,000/yr for full-time, then I'll just bake cookies and bring in!*Yep, I got some baking skills of my own, I'm not all legal research only or whatever readers...Anywho, it was a last minute deal, and I was just answering phones, it was like old times, readers, then I realized I missed my Bakery Family, Bakery Besties, not necessarily actually working there.

     Now I sit in the white-walled den a.k.a. my Brother's old room, surrounded by what would make a hoarder proud, accompanied by my most loyal, most hairy, and four-legged friend. Sure I have other friends that are loyal, but sorry, nothing beats a dog. I trust my dog's opinion of you, more than I trust my own, if I'm being honest with myself.

     I also need to work out more, have it be less like the inside of an ice chest outside, eat more balanced,  have more money, and be more self sufficient. I lost a lot of trust in my own ability to move (or "mo-tate" as I like to say) after the blood clots and bleeding on the brain in July 2016. I've noticed I am far shakier, I also weigh more than I ever have in my life, and need to do more than one work out class a week if I expect to make any progress, yes, the weight loss part should not be a New Year's Resolution, but rather a lifestyle change. One that does not start today, as today, I plan on dishes, reading that I've been meaning to do all week-to keep my sanity, cleaning, organizing, and maybe, just maybe, something fun, because, well, I deserve it.

     Why? I've been a good Linds lately, job searching, (the full-time job that will eventually pay off) taking care of loans, health appointments, and I need a darn day to pretend I'm doing nothing!

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