Sunday, November 19, 2017

Not Asking For Much...

     With all this talk about sexual harassment, you must've known it would only be a certain amount of time before I chimed in about the topic, dear readers...
     I've been catcalled before, but that's about as close as I come, somebody yelling out their window at me...What happens to other women and men too, simply must end. The groping, about to grope/posing for pictures, sexually suggestive comments, all of it. I applaud those that have chosen to find their voice in this battle, unfortunately, it is far from over. Maybe if there was a conscious effort on the accused parts to not do so, but the fact of the matter is there are sick men and women that need help, and I do hope they get it.
     Am I saying that wo/men need to change the way they dress? No. It's not their fault there are some major pervs out there. I will note though that the people just raunchily exposing themselves for the sake of being raunchy on twitter, are indeed gross to see scrolling through my newsfeed, I do try to cut down on that by blocking things whenever possible though.
     I am, however; concerned that sexual harassment is all anyone sees in the news today, either that or some massacre. I want, if possible, people to focus on the good that is in the world. See the kind deeds done on a daily basis. No, there is no need to report back to me the good you've done, that loses the random act of kindness bit, but just to one day hope that some mere stranger will show you the same kindness.
     I believe that my having CP has allowed me to be able to bring out the best in others 99.9% of the time, needing an extra hand, or arm to lean on every now and again, gives me a hopeful perspective on life. I also feel that if everyone would just put an arm out every so often, they may get an arm some day. Remember to ask if the person needs help in most cases though, thereby empowering that specific individual, instead of them feeling weak afterwards.   

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