Tuesday, February 20, 2018


     I thought I knew what I wanted to write about this time. But I sat down with my computer and it all just flew out my mind. I have a ton of cleaning to do as I get to see one of my dear friends and fellow former Bakery Buddy, Monday. So I'm super excited for that. I think it is about things just like that, the little things, that bring you joy.
     Especially in times where people are committing senseless acts of violence...And I know that God has a plan for all of us, I just wonder how many children  are taken before comments are taken seriously, investigations are done, and that current gun/weapon laws are enforced. That we are not just saying people are mentally ill, but that some people that kill others are in fact just assholes, with a weapon, or weapons.
     I also have noticed that my social anxiety is acting up, and you can recite Matthew 6:34 to me as much as you want, and while that is my fave Bible verse for a reason, it's because my brain takes me elsewhere. Making me question whether my family, friends and yes, even whether my bakery besties love me or not...
     Guess who's taken to cleaning to distract herself? Yep, that's right readers, besides blogging, reading, music, I now have taken to the big-girl, adult skill and art of cleaning, which is good because before I cleared out my reading nook,  my bedroom looked like it should be on one of the many shows about hoarders...But really, I should probably get back to doing so.Right.Now...But yeah, that's not happening yet.

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  1. I’m procrastinating on the cleaning I have to do today. Actually been busy cleaning all weekend and it has carried over into the week. I’d rather spend the day in bed reading.

  2. I hear ya!I just got extremely sick of it, and couldn't take it anymore, so I did just do it, after a fashion...