Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Thank you! Continued...

     I truly am honored that you all (y'all) seem to love the blog, dear readers. While I know there must be evil internet trolls out there somewhere, they seem to be keeping their mouths shut, for the time being...Anyways, where am I at when it comes to memoir progress? Well, I think at last writing, I had about a page and a half. Now that I have a clean room to type in,-see my Instagram account y'all-@lindsayroach, cryptic, I know...Maybe I'll finally get some done, perhaps?
     To be fair though, I've got a lot of living to do, yet before I feel like I could have a published memoir, I also am still figuring out how/when I'm going to do my road trip/vacation to see the family in the United States, in their natural habitats, as I'm trying  to avoid the need for a passport. Once I'm hired permanently though, watch out family, I'm a comin' to see ya!
      Oh, and the blog is now at 6,969 views and counting at last check, globally! Thanks to everyone for reading!

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