Monday, June 18, 2018

Random Number 4

     I woke up today, to be reminded of my first time being asked back to the bakery...
A mansplaining dude (and I mean a dude, younger, long haired hippy, as my Grandfather would have described him...) comes in the bakery...

      Now, said dude, had apparently almost had an accident with my prior elderly female customer, on the way over, and said dude, flipped her off, to express his frustration/anger, with the lady. Dude also mansplained that he was fearful, as he saw her come in twice ( once to get product, the other looking for her sunglasses) since he had in fact flipped her off on his way in.

     Me: "Well, if you're not prepared to deal with consequences, maybe you shouldn't flip people off, the reason she came back was to look for her sunglasses. (that were on her forehead, the entire time...)"

     Dude then mansplained that I had offended him, judged him, and wanted to talk to my manager...So I got her, explained what I had said, then let him mansplain, his butthurt story to my now former manager...She basically stated what I had, and that seemed to satisfy said victim mind set  dude, and he left...

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