Tuesday, June 5, 2018


     To the majority of you, you may not be in Iowa, but let me explain. Today is the primary in Iowa, or if you look up what that is, you vote to help decide who  goes on to run, in this case most notably, for Governor. As well as if you know me, AT ALL, you know unlike my right-wing father, and left-wing brother, that I hate politics. As such, I refuse to have any political party affiliation. So, come primaries, I get no option to vote for, as I believe, when voting, it really is choosing the lesser of the evils, and the primaries are really just a bunch of hokum, about people that were already running anyways, it's basically just the cue for the others to drop out of said political race...
     You might figure that with my Father & Brother being so active in the political realm, that I might actually care, but you see, the competing testosterone, while I love them, kind of killed my enthusiasm about politics, so I take my Mother's & Grandfather's approach to politics, which is this-choosing the lesser of the evils...And while in my youth, I voted for some republicans, since they seem to want control over every female body, even in some cases of rape or incest, if not properly documented, with none for males, I've been a liberal-leaning independent, ever since...

     Regardless of your political influences, dear Readers, you do read my blog, so that's step one, to becoming, no I'm just kidding, do what you want...

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