Wednesday, May 30, 2018

With A Grain of Salt

     Dear Readers,
It occurred to me last night that Ethel, who is the whole reason I wrote this blog (See "The Reason I Wrote This Blog"), talks shit about anybody who is not there...And by there, I mean, in the same room, apparently, cuz I don't leave the floors sopping wet upon mopping them...that she told one of my coworkers it looked as though I hadn't mopped. I thought we were past this, we got along this time, I then I find out about this comment...And then I remembered what one of my cousins, said about my Aunt, after my Grandmother, literally, had just passed, you have to take everything she says with a grain of salt. I didn't know what to think about this phrase "With a grain of salt", but I feel in this situation, it fits even more accurately than it did about my aunt. See, Ethel is overly critical of everyone but herself, as I said earlier, when not in the same room as them.
     Ethel is a lonely older woman, with nothing better to do than criticize, and complain about how no man loves her, as a conversation starter to her teenage coworkers, I know this, as I started when I was 14...Rather than get on the internet, and instead of using it to stalk her hated coworkers, put aside all her fears, and join a dating site, for crap's sake...
     But then again, I save the "No man loves me" drama talks for my Mama, or this lovely blog, you happen to be reading, so that I don't have to talk to anyone about it, they already just know... Yes, I firmly believe that Ethel is my future self, if I am not careful. If I allow myself to become a bitter, older person.
     So, knowing all this about Ethel, I plan to take everything she says with a grain of salt, know that she is at least nice to my face, and that if she ever follows through with joining us for queso sometime, it could be a really funny thing for my inner self-that only you know, dear readers. So as a person that knows all this, I also plan to pray for her, that I can continue to show kindness to her, despite the backlash I might face, pray for me dear readers, as my mission is right in my own backyard, so to speak...

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