Monday, April 30, 2018

To Be Blunt?

     If I'm being honest with myself, I am a blunt person. Nowadays, at least...
Is that really the best thing? Maybe, subtly worked for me when I was younger, now I'm a snarky sass ball/ force to be reckoned with when it comes to my opinion, if you're going to ask-well, I'll give it to you. I never mean to be mean, do I think I'm hysterically funny at all times? Why yes, yes I do. Do people that don't know me take me the wrong way? All the time...I should probably come with a translating guide, for those that don't understand when I switch into my snarky sarcastic comments, but do I? Why no, no I do not...

     Also readers, I'm terribly sorry I haven't blogged in quite a while, I've been busy working-back at the same bakery I had previously had the 9.5 year on & off again relationship with-we're back on-I'm retraining myself, and training a bunch of new people, while again looking for the dream local paralegal job...Also, I've had lovely people I've been trying to reconnect with, and be a better friend to, in general....

     The book! Getting there slowly, I've found wonderful people to help me edit, myself, yet stay true to the blog, which is where my global fan base is, so I want to keep you all happy with my short essay-ish memoir...Stay tuned!

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