Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July Flying By...

     I am just FULL of realizations today, dear readers...Like how we are almost halfway through the month, and I have yet to blog something. So, here ya are!

     I have gotten a full-time job in an office setting, worked two days, then gotten "let go", luckily I still have the ever wonderfully weird Bakery to fall back on...A bicycling event is stopping in town, I will not be a part of it, just probably selling donuts and the like, at the beloved bakery in town. I've had almost a complete turnover of mental health care providers, so yes, I have been having much "fun" with that-trying to get appointments set up. Lately I've attended garden art fairs and book sales, been reading ( I like to have at least 6 books going at once), relaxation afternoons with a friend, missional community-FOR at work, eating, sleeping, repeating, and trying to stay altogether while trying to figure out what to write in my draft of my memoir next...Not to mention preparing for vacation bible school at the church later this month, as well as being a Sunday School Teacher later this fall, praying with all my might, that everything will be made clear for me, and that it happens sooner rather than later...

     So if you have any ideas on what to write next-I'd love to hear them!


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