Friday, July 10, 2015

Too Much Stuff

So friends, family, & other assorted followers, much to report. I made the Provost list at DMACC!!!  Meaning my 3.5 cumulative gpa will be recognized via certificate! In response to my awesome interviewing final- I ordered a t-shirt with a sloth & tortoise on it...Still waiting for both to come via snail mail. Otherwise all is busy& good when it comes to my life. I'm past midterms and have about 3 weeks of actual classes left. Then I get 2 weeks off before fall semester hits, woo! I've been spending any actual freetime I have with my headphones on listening to whatever I can, or out back in the sun!  What have you been up to? Anything fun? I think I will have to make a new goal of sorting through my stuff. Getting rid of some of it. I wouldn't say I'm to Hoarders status, but lets say next best thing to it :-) Oh well, I can't be the only one with cleaning to do. New goal- put the music on the stereo and get to work!... Maybe I'll start later tonight, as I am off to the law library!

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