Wednesday, July 29, 2015

About Jewelry Clasps

I'll keep this short. I was in the middle of a #CPChatNow on twitter when we somehow got on the topic of jewelry clasps. Now, you may think eh, what's the big deal? Until you're shaking trying to hook a clasp holding the hook in one hand, and smothering the clasp in the other. So what kind of clasp do you get someone with CP? While something that stretches is ideal for me at least, that's not always what happens. I'd like to suggest lobster clasps-the bigger the better. They do sell just the clasp. For less than $2.00 sometimes. They also sell them in sizes from 12mm up to the extra large size at my local Hobby Lobby. Then there are also toggle clasps, where you just shove the toggle through and catch it on the loop. They also sell those in 2 packs for about $2.00. I usually have my Mom to help me with the clasps that aren't so nice. People in general are usually pretty nice like that to help with tricky clasps for anyone! But if you're trying to be polite stretchy, lobster clasp, or toggle clasp is the way to go.

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