Friday, August 21, 2015

Birthday Adventure

So for my 26th birthday on the 23rd, I decided to go to the zoo on the 16th, and finally cross Zombie Burger off my list of places to go. I just feel accomplished in knowing we made it to the zoo and out to eat without getting lost. We had a fun few hours at the zoo, we saw all the animals, took lots of pictures, and had a good time. I even braved the stairs at the zoo, and rode the escalator at the mall, in an attempt to hide my CP induced clumsiness, however much I may have stumbled getting on, I rode the escalator, my old foe, like a normal able bodied person. Although I must admit, once I got on, I stayed put. Simple things that if you don't have CP, you tend not to think about. I also was able to go out with my able bodied friends, and did not get stares from strangers, because, as I've said before, unless you catch me doing a certain activity-you tend not to notice I have CP. Luckily my friends all know about the CP and tend not to care, unless of course I need help.Zombie Burger, the fries leave something to be desired, but the burger, I specifically tried the Raygun- was really good!And huge! See picture above. You can also see a pic of me and three of my friends above, along with my favorite animal picture of the day, it came up to me I swear, and I had to get a picture! Now I've started classes, and had 2 out of 4 that I'm signed up for. I know this semester is gonna hurt, and be rough, but I'm hoping I can pull off 3 semesters in a row on Provost's List, just to add to the awesomeness that is. 

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