Friday, September 4, 2015

5 Things...

So, I got this idea from a fellow CP tweeter's blog, and that got me thinking...What are 5 things I can't live without?
I'll try and go in order

5. Nap time/Recess-This is actually an inside joke between certain co-workers and myself on slow days, no I do not still take nap time or recess...okay so i will nap if at home and bored, but lately these days, I'm pretty busy...But I do feel it important to keep in touch with your inner child, yester-years gone such, my jokes are often innocent minded-something that if you truly love me, you love those as well.

4. Sloths-This may not seem that important, but... If I had to have a spirit animal, the sloth is it man, or woman as the case may be. It all started back in middle school when we had to pick our favorite animal...Although it took me until my interviewing final to develop a valid reasoning as to why. The instructor asked " If you could be any tree or animal, what would you be?" It took me a few seconds to try and come up with another answer but ultimately..." A sloth". Was my reply. He chuckled and said, "Okay, why?" I replied " Because they are slow & relaxed, as I aim to be in my decision making, and thought process". After that people watching stopped laughing, and started nodding...Ever since my sloth apparel and other assorted memorabilia has grown, from my Mom, friends helping me find things, and my coworkers at the bakery.

3. Hot Sauce-I am serious about this one, I cannot survive without some spice in my life, there are just some things, like eggs, I cannot eat without it. And we all know, if you don't eat, you will eventually die,...

2. My family and friends-You'd think this would be number one, and I swear I have reasoning as to why. But know that it is these people that are my greatest cheerleaders, supporters, and all-around those that truly love and care about me, something no one can live without...Awww...

1. My music-Okay so it's actually other peoples music, but I buy it, and listen to it, and it keeps me sane...As in when I was questioning my reality, and going to the behavioral health unit for in-patient treatment, music is one thing I had stopped listening to, I stopped singing...Something that if I had just put my headphones on, I believe would have helped me through, a bit better than I handled it. It's only when I started putting my headphones back on, singing in the car, taking that time for myself, that I started to have a more positive outlook. Yes, I listen to a little bit of everything, just as a person with anxiety and depression...I find myself not listening to a lot of slow and/or sad, depressing songs. Yes, I do listen to my friends or family members music from over the years, and I still miss my Lyrica (  Women's choir at ISU) days. Remember, "Music has charms to soothe the savage beast, To soften rocks , Or bend a knotted Oak." ( William Congreve)

So those are my 5 things, what's yours?

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