Sunday, September 13, 2015

About Last Night...

So, for those that do not know I went to a bar last night. Why? To hear a friend in a couple of bands that he's in. Now, I went with my Mom, thinking no harm.

Slowly a older gentleman made his way to Mom, and started talking to her, high fiving. Suddenly he spotted me, waved, then motioned to high five me. I did so, he eventually went away. My mom left as it was well past her bedtime. I was alone after that. I talked to the one friend for a bit. Then the older gentleman returned...
He stated "My name is Bradley-I wanted to make sure you were fine?"
I stated I was fine.
He then said "Let me buy you another Pepsi".
Knowing that this 'Bradley' if that was his real name, was clearly drunk, and the fact that I was just not interested in knowing more I shook my head no, along with shouting the word "NOoooo". Slowly so as to maybe hear me better. He continued to try and stumble  onto the bar stool next to me. While doing so, asking the gentleman around me, that were in their 20's maybe 30's if they would take care of me, because he had to go.

In the meantime, an acquaintance from elementary school came up and started asking me questions about my jacket/ complimenting me on my jacket. All the while Bradley was still trying to find someone to take care of me, of which there were a lot of "I got your back" from a lot of different guys at the bar.

Another gentleman maybe late 20's early 30's asked me where the bathroom was. I stated I didn't know.

Bradley returned, and after a fashion, landed himself in the bar stool my mother had once occupied. He just stared at me for a moment, then asked me why I was there. I replied "My friend is in a couple of bands playing tonight". Having to yell in his aging ear to be heard.

Meanwhile I started looking around for help, trying to make eye contact with whoever would  do so. Luckily, about that time another older gentleman came by and pointed at him, and mouthed "Are you okay?" I shook my head no, and the older gentleman instantly helped Bradley off the chair, and out the door. The gentleman came back, I stated "Thank you" He asked me if someone was with me, I stated "No, they left" He stated "Okay, we've got our eyes on you".

I instantly felt relieved, some other guy probably 30's asked me how I was doing, and I asked him the same, but that was the end of the conversation. Thankfully.

In conclusion I have no idea how drunk that guy was, and I did hear all of the bands.

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