Sunday, September 20, 2015

Here's why I blocked you...

Here's a letter to my old "friends" I blocked on Facebook-"A." and "B.",
Simply put, we are better off without one another. Y'all were toxic to my emotions...We weren't really friends either at that point. Both of you were doing things you know I could not follow you on. I did look at your Facebook profiles...You both appear to be married with children now. That's great! I hope you've found true happiness and joy! But the fact of the matter is, we are not friends, and haven't been, for quite some time.

"A.", you were skipping classes, smoking at a young age-if you're being honest about that... Hell, you were throwing bday parties for your friends, and I wasn't invited- clue number 1, as to why we're really not friends, clue number 2-the car ride fiasco, I honked, knocked on doors, called, did everything but go in the house uninvited, to pick you up. Then you tried to turn everyone-my actual friends-against me. Something unforgivable in my book.

"B.", you were skipping classes, "borrowing" cars without permission, getting sent away, coming back, then leaving again. You were never really changing, just toying with my emotions each time you came back, thinking you were going to stay in school-then leave...You know I couldn't follow you, and you know you wouldn't have let me- a real friend would have been there, not making me cry after each illegal act you committed, or new placement you got sent to... 

So, if you two happen to see this, I had to get this out of my system, only now instead of blowing up on the playground, I blog. If you two try and contact me, I will call the police. LEAVE ME& MY FAMILY ALONE!!!

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