Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just One of Those Days...

So it's Saturday night, and I'm home alone...No, I'm not out partying, nor am I bringing the party to me, the house is already a mess, and I've already seen tons of people come and go today...

Life is actually pretty good, I have some potential contract paralegal-ing in the works, as well as a lot of interviews coming up, all for internships, not to mention some that are talking potentially hiring for part-time now, and a full-time/internship, in the spring. Why the internship? Because after this current semester, that's all I have left for requirements for my certificate. Do I plan on getting my certificate and leaving the Ames area finally? No, I plan on hanging around for 2-3 years and getting some experience-then applying at Amazon. A smart plan it would seem.

Today, my excitement level, that has been at an all-time high, has finally been worn out. It feels like I have no energy left to do anything, no, not a depressed type of energy, just worn-out. I have a paper due Monday I should be working on, a test Tuesday, and a brief due Thursday-instead of doing this, but well, sometimes I just need to type things out. Some procrastination is always a good thing, I've found, and no doubt I will get to work eventually, but well, just not right now.

Today at work was BUSY, luckily , I was working with a great group of people, that makes a 9 hour day, totally worth it. Without them, I probably would be depressed.

Also good news today, I finally got Fire sauce when asked for, from Taco Bell! They must have figured I could handle it, for once! Small victories here people! Small victories!

Also, still on page three of the memoir, maybe I'll work some more on that tonight...Well, however you spend your nights, readers, may it be a good one!

One last thing, the Affordable Care Act, not so affordable, wish I could go back to 25...I am thankful at least that preexisting conditions like CP, depression, and anxiety, aren't a problem, but really, over $200 a month? Change please! And pronto!

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