Sunday, September 6, 2015

So, about that...

It seems like everywhere I go, online, at least, my fellow CP bloggers/authors, have been discussing dating/relationships. I've written about this before (See "One Time Only") The only relationship I've ever had was from age 5 to 8 or 9. We weren't really able to date at that age, and I feel my status as "The Cute One" was entirely wasted on one guy. I also have never been on a date, and was the one in high school that advised other friends to just make it a girl's night(With our best guy friend in tow as someone else's friend date, because these girls were usually desperate for attention) rather than spend the night in the bathroom avoiding their prospective dates. Needless to say I was not their parent's favorites... I also usually had a good time in high school socializing with the girls (and one guy, while his "date" was in the bathroom). Dating just seemed to be unnecessary pressure.

In college, my first roommate sure had a boyfriend that was long distance-and had plenty of "hook-ups" on the side-judging by the used condoms I found on the floor. I was busy studying& working...My next roommates were better, they seemed to be in committed relationships-with very understanding gentlemen, who put up with me trying to make pancakes, and ending up setting off the smoke detector early in the morning...Oops!
What was my interaction with guys during college? There were my gay guy friends, my guy friend that was in a band...and had a girlfriend, which was okay, cuz I knew his girlfriend and all exes from having gone to high school with him-not some one I wanted to be in a relationship with. I would keep in touch with my high school guy friends via Facebook, or run into one or more of them at the shows of the band friend I mentioned earlier-all of which knew too much to date or be in a relationship with, or they're married, some with kids now!

Let's see while I was out of school-guys-they turned out to be d-bags, or the okay ones were gay or in a relationship, seeing any patterns?

It seems I attract gay guys and males already in a relationship  as friends...As such, not many options when it comes to dating. Has having CP affected my ability to get a date?No. What has affected my ability is surrounding myself with a bunch of females with a few good gays and already taken straight guys mixed in for good measure.

I know there's always online dating sites, and plenty of them, but maybe its all my 3.5 years as a Criminology double major, or my years of legal interest talking, but it just creeps me out. If I'm suppose to be in a relationship, it'll happen the good ole' fashioned way of random meeting via friends (maybe just random) followed by Facebook/twitter stalking to find out if I just met the next big serial killer (That's the Criminology and legal interest talking!)...

But really I prefer to be single right now, so many nice-looking gentlemen out there and I'm free to look, with no feelings of guilt, or anyone getting jealous, or me getting jealous of them, or even wondering what some guy is doing...Right now they're just friends or pretty to look at, and that's fine by me...That's really all I have time for.

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