Thursday, October 8, 2015


So I ran into a classmate about a month ago, that I never really knew that well, yet, they remembered my name- so that got me thinking, just how popular was I back in the day. I would say not very, I had my small group of friends, and that was about it.

Although, I did know people through the bakery, so people were always nice to me because I had access to baked goods, powerful thing that is. I also was on the dance planning committees because well, I like planning and controlling things, part of the anxiety I was able to put to good use.

So while no, I was not a loner, I was not popular by any means, just well known enough to always have somebody to talk to or work with in whatever class/situation I was in.  Those friends like "A" and "B", used to call me a prep, another sign, they didn't know me well at all...Anyways...

Much the same can be said today. People are nice to me, because I work at the bakery, I generally try and be a nice person if at all possible, and I do work. While no, there are no longer any dance planning committees, I try and stay involved at my church. What with skits, random meal servings, and let's not forget, choir. Which I miss doing, but am excited I shall sing with the women at least, as part of the LWML (Lutheran Women Missionary League) Sunday. THIS SUNDAY!!!

Am I popular now? Well, as a 26 year old, is there any measure of how popular someone is? Not really, folks...Popularity is a concept created in the schooling system to make you feel bad folks, that's what I've discovered, I mean, there are celebrities-who are fellow humans, so I guess there is a measure of popularity even as an adult, but do I really want the privacy invasion that most of them suffer from-No, my anxiety, and depression, just don't need it.I try and think, were any of those kids that I considered to be popular, still that way, no, they developed into human beings, much like all of us had to, probably why they remember me so well, a reminder of when they were somebody, if only for a moment...And if I can help them feel that way, I'm happy to-either that, or the guy saw my key-chain with my name on it. Meh.

Who cares, probably nobody, as people generally only care about matters concerning them, take me for example-I'm not immune to this, I'm just as self-absorbed as the next. So think about it, the next time someone offends you, are they really trying to offend you, OR most likely, do they not even care about your piddly little problem, as they're busy worrying about their own? Not intentional, but you do learn in sociology, we all worry about ourselves, and as a person with social anxiety, I see this in action, through all interactions whether it be WORK(not naming names), school, or wherever else. Should it be this way? Yes, because you have to take care of yourself first, everyone else is secondary to you. So the next time, before you go getting all huffy over someone, think...

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