Thursday, June 8, 2017

National Best Friends Day (91st post)

     I know most people have that one friend that they are closer to than all the others. Not to piss any of my friends off,but I don't honestly have a best friend, I have best friends. My dear mother (of which I just pronounced MOTHAAAAHHH in my head), kinda hit it on the head, when she said "you don't build friendships, you build families", the more I think about it, I'd say my Mom ( or MOTHAAAAHHH) is right.

     I have my family most of whom I consider friends, the friends that will never change. You also have my Bakery Fam, the ones that aren't my MOTHAAAAHHH, the friends which I was put with, and am now stuck with for a good loooong time, and still have dinner with, go see movies with, or get them b-day cards, still, and I try and make sure they have something to open Christmas Eve at the Bakery.

     Then you have my friends that I've known since forever, they might as well be family, we may not be that close anymore, but you're still checking in, aren't you?

My friends from my middle/high school days, we are still close, even though we are terribly busy with our own lives, and working like crazy people, we still get together when our paths all allow us to breathe for a brief moment, and a glimpse of simplicity.They are like family to me.

     Then there's my dear Church Fam. My dear brothers and sisters, so to speak. They keep me in tune with my religion, tis the music that brought me in in all honesty, I stayed for the atmosphere, that of yet another fam.

If you don't find yourself, or rather, yoself in one of these categories, don't worry eventually I'll be that sister you never had, nor knew you wanted. It's only a matter of time...

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