Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's not me, It's just you though (93rd post)...

How many times have I mistakenly been called a lesbian? Oh let me count the ways...

Not that I can really blame them, the stereotypical short hair-but not spikey butch looking really-it's more the early stages of a mullet,

The rainbow shoes, the rainbow being associated with lgbtq culture, that I wear quite often,

Not having had a boyfriend since age 9 (all my cute years wasted!).

Nevermind the fact that my male counterparts are doing what?

Being destructive,

Drinking in excess,

But not all of them,

Some are married,

In relationships,

Working-starting a career,

Supporting themselves.

So as one can see, the good ones are in the same stage as me-working hard to earn a living. I love my lgbtq friends, dearly, and want them never to change who they are , just as I love all my friends whom should never change...But if you think that I am anything other than straight, it's the simple fact that you're an ass, and it is just that I probs never liked you to begin with... ahh, unrequited longing, sad, so sad...

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