Friday, January 22, 2016


     This post was inspired by a reader/good friend's(Who shall remain nameless) post on social media. Thank you, and I miss you! Stop in the bakery soon!

     So Ellie May, who may or may not be the previously mentioned one. Stopped in the bakery about a week ago. It was fun to catch up and all. But it soon all went wrong. See not only does Ellie May not work there anymore, not only does she distract Bubba Joe Jack...still, she asked for free donuts, as it was close to closing time. Everyone agreed the decision fell on me. No pressure or anything. Bubba Joe Jack mentioned that we sell icing to a previous employee. I replied "keyword- sell", to which he promptly just stared at me as if a child would that had just been hurt by unkind words. I said "I could ask Vic". To which I knew she would promptly reply "Oh no, that's fine, I just wondered, no need to bother her".

     Which leads me to the post from a good friend stated, "Friends will ask or discount prices. True friends will pay full price, to support you, your time and your work." How silly was I to think Ellie a true friend, however, the post stated that ordinary friends ask for discounts. Ellie was asking for a flat out freebie. So what does that make her? Just how close is she to Bubba to ask a thing like that of us? It seems to me Ellie and Bubba, just aren't as close as they like to think they are...

     In conclusion, what we can take away from this story is that I was silly to think Ellie&Bubba  true friends, even among themselves, and I so totally miss the good friend that inspired this post! Also there was a fourth person/reader/friend that was witness to this event, but she like the good friend is awesome, and so shall remain nameless as well.

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