Saturday, January 2, 2016

Let Me Take a Minute

I need a minute to discuss some things that are important to me...

First off, I am a Lutheran, I believe in God. You, may or may not, that's fine.That's not what this post is about. I was baptized ELCA, confirmed as an adult LCMS, and raised to be, generally speaking, a kind person-and know that I am only a human, and we all sin-above all else. I did not grow up going to church. As such, my personal views are not always based with the church's opinion, but rather, based on the upbringing that my Lutheran mother provided me. That's why I refuse to disown my gay,lesbian,and bisexual family,friends, and other acquaintances. I never was raised to hate someone because of who they love, but instead love them, all the same. For what the church may consider a sin, I sin, just in different ways. Sin is sin, from what I've learned, you can't change that, but that's just it, I don't consider love a sin, never have, never will. Yes, I disagree with the church, yet I still identify as Lutheran, that's what I know, and I don't intend to change that. Don't try to.

Also, when it comes to religion, for a family gathering, I am supposed to come up with a "God sighting" in my life this year. Let's see, after my Grandmother's passing in June, I've been given the opportunity to volunteer at my local hospice house, as a way to give back. I've been given the opportunity to write this blog, which has reached many friends& family, not to mention many countries around the world. Receiving comments, that either make me feel like I'm not the only one with CP, Anxiety, or Depression, something that I struggled with. I've also  received comments that my fellow classmates from high school, will use my blog, to teach important lessons to their children, when they get old enough. So I have been blessed this year, knowing that my struggles will be worth a lesson to the next generation.

And about that memoir, I have a title, a cover, and about three pages that I plan to scrap and start over on. The three pages, that is. The title and the cover stay. So my new year's resolution, is  to get cracking on the memoir, hopefully write the whole thing and just worry about getting it published, but we shall see. These things take time, especially when I'm set to graduate in May of this year, have an internship coming up, hospice volunteering, not to mention church choir. So, please don't think I've forgotten, for all you fans of the blog, out there.

Thanks for all the blog love in 2015, and here's to many more years to come.
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