Tuesday, December 29, 2015

If You're Going to Like Pin-ups...

     Maybe I just am sickened out of jealousy, but really, I see no reason to be jealous...

     I have a friend on social media, that I don't ever recall having talked to back when our paths would have easily crossed, but seriously "Bubba Joe Jack"-no that's not your real name. Nor are you the Bubba stated in previous posts. I'm really not sure why you even sent me the request, we never talked. I know we have mutual friends, which is why I accepted your request; however, I've soon begun to regret it.

     Pin-up pictures, nowadays are disgusting to look at, especially the 18+ ones that you seem to find on social media. If I really wanted to see that much of a woman's breasts or buttock, all I have to do is look in a mirror. You on the other hand, I guess have not formed an intimate enough relationship to where you are satisfied enough that you don't need to look at those pictures-because you have enough intimacy in your life. This saddens me.

     Does this mean that I want to have a more intimate relationship with you? NO. Just simply stating that if I can see that you liked those pictures, so can the other females on your list. Most just disrespectful, not classy and empowering. The ones you like are not artistically done, they're trashy with basically everything but the tits and openings on the lower half hanging  out. Sometimes with a lesbian undertone. Granted some women are in lesbian relationships,which don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with lesbians, but again, not classy and embracing, but trashy and usually grabbing of tits. If this is what arouses you, are you bisexual? If so fine, but you are once again doing it in a demeaning way.

     My advice to you not dear Bubba, get yourself a girlfriend, NOT ME, or something, and fast, before you ruin any chances of having a relationship. Or maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship, as your respect for women is blatantly lacking. Please get some help for those intimacy issues you seem to be having, first.

     Don't get me wrong yes, I'm only human too. Do I like certain pages because I find some famous male attractive? Not all, but some. But no, 18+ is not in the title, bear in mind, I have no desire to see 95% naked pictures of these men. or if some reason, only 5% happens to be covered, it's usually done in a classy way by Marvel-meaning artistic :) Or because of the  sport :) But is it disrespectful? No, my example is classy and honorable.

     So am I jealous?No. Can I relate? In a certain light, yes, but not fully.

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