Tuesday, December 15, 2015

So What Do I Do For "Self Care"?

So, BuzzFeed, if you haven't checked them out, did a wonderful mental health week on Facebook. If you are friends with me, or have liked my Facebook page, then you've probably seen several shared  posts, from their page. I'm a fan.

Anyways... One of their videos was "self care routines", so that inspired me to share what I do! What is my routine?

1. I blog. I blog about anything and everything I want to, am feeling, or care about. That's why my topics vary so much, but that's life-varied. If I''m feeling depressed, anxious, or even if I found a new pair of sloth socks, you'll know  about it here first. I use this as the equivalent to a journal. Except, if you know me, my handwriting is, what some may call, "unique", so blogging, it shall be instead. You can check www.facebook.com/lindsayslifewithcp
or follow me on twitter-@LindsMRoach for updates/new posts.Besides those of you "Nosy Nellies/Neddies" love knowing what's going on, admit it, I'm just kiddin'.

2. I make jewelry. No, I don't make the beads, but I buy some beads, some sort of string device, sit down on the floor, and put things together, till they look pretty! It may sound silly, but it's pretty, and it calms me. I feel relaxed, which after a day filled with social anxiety producing situations, relaxed is a good thing. Going from anxiously awaiting some thing, or some one, to a clear mind, that's able to watch an episode of a favorite show, is a good thing.

3. Reading helps, if I can get my anxious or depressed state of mind to focus long enough on just the words I'm reading, by the time I've finished, It may be majority of the book. Right now I'm reading the second volume of the complete set of Sherlock Holmes books that my brother got for me. It's long, and very dry, perfect to clear my mind with! Although I will have to do a post of book suggestions as I do have some, feel free to ask me, I'll tell you!

4. Music, I usually prefer anything upbeat, happy sounding, and usually less than three minutes long. I have a few exceptions, I may or may not share them, it depends. Why? because when you're depressed, you need something happy. Through all my sociological studies (B.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Sociology from I.S.U.), happy music, makes people happy, sad makes you sad, angry makes you angry, and so on and so forth! On second thought, I may just have to do a blog on suggestions after all.

Well, besides talking to people about what I'm feeling at that moment, that's all I have to share! Hopefully it's enough to get you started, if you need ideas. Hopefully you already have your own routine! Again let me know via Facebook/ Twitter/in person if you have any suggestions or ideas to write about, or anything you want to read my opinion on!

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