Thursday, April 27, 2017

Misunderstanding Please...

So if you've wondered why I've been so cryptic, or not so much...It's because I think there was a HUGE misunderstanding, I hope, in my life. It all started out like this.

Towards the beginning of the month, I get a filtered Facebook message from a stranger we shall dub "Teddy". I ignored it, as it was not someone I knew, nor was it anyone I went to high school with. But like an idiot I got curious and opened the message. In it Teddy put something along the lines of I have CP, I know ____________, maybe we can talk and get to know each other. Thinking it was a really dedicated scammer, I asked ______________, if Teddy was a real person? They replied favorably, so I thought I would reply, not once in either of the late night messaging convos did they use my first name, no, it was beautiful, babe or hun. Teddy did say that ______________ thought we would get along, I replied, I get along with a lot of people with CP through #CPChatNow, are you on twitter, of course not, but I really wanted to reach out to someone with CP, include them in the community I'd found on there...Well needless to say, I eventually asked Teddy, So how do you know _________________? Well turns out, it's a Facebook only friendship, now bear in mind I do have the #CPChatNow Ceeps-as we sometimes refer to ourselves, if you look back in the tweets, that I consider to be cyber friends of mine, but we use each other's names, and didn't ask each other about what the other thinks of serious relationships right off the bat, prefaced with a "Babe", commonly know as a pig to my generation-don't ever expect me to answer any of you if you call me that...

Back to my story, this was not someone I met through #CPChatNow, this was a cyber friend of my dear dear person to me, and while I still love ___________. I did block Teddy, and so far the creeper has not texted me(Yes, I somehow fathomed it was a good idea to give out my cell to a stranger-dumb...) I hope they don't text me, and I now know to ask people "Do you know whatever whatsmynameson, in real life, and make sure you all know I don't have time for a serious relationship-at least not without them being a solid dependable, real-life, very special friend first-so it's gonna be a few years, try, or more after the few...And what ______ PROBABLY meant was get along as friends, but Teddy probably jumped ahead.Especially since _____________ knows I grew up in the able-bodied world,have able-bodied real-life friends, and don't have to date someone with CP, and especially not based on CP alone, that's just offensive, and ____________ would never do that to me.

Lesson learned.

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