Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dear Big Brother...

     As I said briefly in "childhood" http://lindsayslifewithcp.blogspot.com/2015/05/childhood.html you never once considered taking it easy on me. You were always there for me, you always are there for me though miles apart. You never once let me pretend I was the pink ranger, until I was one for Halloween, and they actually got a blonde pink ranger. While singing along to the Spice Girls, you were always the Ginger  to my Baby.
     Yes even while playing with dolls with me, you made sure it was kept classy, and had the plot line like of one of your future favorite soap operas, minus the aliens(I called it!)...We've had many a talk, and many a "Holiday Season"-ish moments.

     Who else helped me practice solos in the basement on the organ, made the minor bullies hush up, and scared the crap out of guys for a split second, when they had bad aim, for me-without even making a threat, I might add.
     Yes, I am not meant to be an only child, and it's because of you dear brother.

     You also applauded me when I started writing this lil' blog, that's now at over 5,000 views, and that's without promotion.Not to mention sent me stories about male porn stars with CP, for inspiration for blogs...That was also my dearest big brother.

                                            I know we don't talk much, but I love you.

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