Friday, May 8, 2015


 I will say this though, childhood is rough. Luckily for me, I was never picked on because of my CP. No, I was made fun of because of my last name. My childhood was different in some ways though. Having CP made things like learning how to tie my shoes, or rollerskating, or even biking, all the more difficult. Things that if you're able-bodied, you might tend to take for granted. I will say this, BOTH of my parents were extremely supportive of me growing up and never let me give up. My older brother also never took it easy on me, because I have CP. Looking back, my family is amazing, and I can only imagine how frustrating my CP was at times for them. I'm thankful for everything they did for me though. Other than CP though my childhood was pretty normal. I had my close group of friends, my other classmates were always ready to assist in P.E. and teachers that would always work with me. I participated in a dance class, played the cello,  and sang in the choir...For all intensive purposes I was a normal kid...Although, some are not so lucky. Some people have far more severe CP.  Some do get bullied instead of a helping hand. This needs to stop. Parents please be just that, teach your kids not to pick on someone because they're different. Especially if it's something like CP where a kid could use a hand.

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