Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The High School Years

Ahh, high school. A time most would want to forget, including myself. Throughout high school there were those that would physically trip me, for being different, and those that would scold them for doing so. There were those that would call me ugly, only to then ask out one of my best friends who just heard them call me ugly *note-I didn't say they were smart*. They got turned down promptly. I had friends I trusted, show themselves, into being that of a  drugged up blob, that I had to separate myself from. They may see it as my betrayal, but I know who really the traitor was. It was the people who called themselves friends, then never showed up for class, they were busy with their friends doing drugs, drinking, and all around not caring about the future they once told me they wanted. Oh well, the last I knew they had both started families, seemed content without me, and so it was the reason why I never reconnected with either of them. We are all better off without me being friends with them. You have to re-evaluate who you surround yourself with sometimes, and in high school after sometimes 10+ years of friendship, that didn't make it any easier.

On to a happier note though, I  did make friends who have stayed by me when I have been through some of my darkest days. Friends that I have now known for 10+ years. I eventually made it into the auditioned choir at my school. I did solo contests. I got good grades(except for geometry-can't help ya there). I made acquaintances I still keep in touch with. I held my first job at the bakery where I  made friends or rather family, that I still keep in touch with or work with to this day.

Not all of it was a bad experience, and to see so many teens taking their lives now days for being different, is truly a depressing thing. While yes there were those out there that were toxic, there were some people that I would never trade, and  nothing in that experience that I would do differently. It helped make me who I am today, and to any teens out there, please be alive to see that point too!

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