Thursday, May 14, 2015

The College Years, the First Time Around...

College at ISU was great. People  were super helpful if you looked like you needed a hand. No one stared at my hand for long, there wasn't enough time. I was in a women's choir called Lyrica for 3 of my 3.5 years there. Yes, I graduated a semester early. What with? Why a B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, & Sociology.

 Now throughout my time at ISU I had the stereotypical roommate that was a gigantic slut my sophomore year, I mean seriously, a different guy would wake up in our room, every weekend and she had a boyfriend. Now once I had gotten up the guts to talk to her about having found enough used condoms on the floor with my croc. She had decided to move out. I somehow don't remember being sad at all about it.

I then got really lucky with the roommate selection junior year. I lived with three great ladies who even baked me a birthday cake! My time spent with them restored my faith in roommates, not all being gigantic freshman sluts. I was sad when the year was over, and I still keep in touch with one of them to this day.

Back to my time spent in Lyrica, it was awesome, I loved every minute of it, and still  keep in touch with many of the ladies I met, to this day. We could often be found leaving the music hall singing all the way to, and even on the campus bus. We got a small amount of applause each time. That doesn't mean the CP didn't factor in. Of course I was almost always in the back or top row. Meaning thanks to CP, I needed help down the risers. Luckily I made friends with whoever I stood by, and they were more than willing to lend a hand.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that college was so much better than high school to all those kids out there. Yes, it is important to talk to your roommate about their sleeping habits if you share a room, first thing, before you wind up with a used condom on your shoe. And so you can avoid the situation of having two people snoring across the room, as you walk out to get breakfast. Very important kids.

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