Friday, May 22, 2015


My first question is why does this word even exist? When one word is so subjective. What one considers ugly may be beautiful to another. When one can come up with no other argument, they go to ugly, the purely physical insult.

I was told to talk more about friendships/relationships so I will.

My first "boyfriend" (If you can really call him that at ages 5-8 approximately, but hey friends asked my permission to ask him out in high school, so it counts! Anyways...) I had dumped, with good reasons. When we finally reached high school, we tried being friends again. He would later go on to tell me that we couldn't be friends because I was so ugly...He then asked out one of my best friends that was sitting right beside me during the name calling. She said no. *Note-I never said he was smart*.

Did I believe him? For a short while. Yes, I believed I was. Then I remembered that in comparison to my five year old self, yeah I probably was not as cute. What I had become was a beautiful person on the inside, something he had missed, in a fit of anger. I had said no rebuttal to the ugly comment that day, I couldn't come up with anything, our mutual friends were sitting right there, and he had just been turned down, I felt it punishment enough. It was not until after that I realized, he had become an ugly person on the inside.

I have seen this argument come up so many times in life, and on social media. Often used when a person can come up with no better argument then to attack the purely physical appearance. These people mean what they say, but it is just that, their opinion, and a reflection of what's on their own insides.

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