Monday, May 11, 2015

The Reason I Wrote This Blog

I felt it good to explain the whole reason I'm writing this blog...

One day at work, again at a bakery. I had waited on a customer, just fine and gone about my business. What I didn't know was that they had stopped and talked with one of my coworkers about me. My coworker later explained,

"He said he got a mocha from you, and it was a little slow but worth the wait.  He said he noticed you had a disability so he was okay that it took a little longer. I thought I would tell you about the compliment."

Now someone please explain how that is anything but a backhanded compliment, or rather, a complaint. If you don't see it, read through again. What's worse is that my coworker fully believed this was a compliment, and I didn't correct her. Yes I, missed  a teachable moment, and that is why I'm writing this blog. To make sure I don't miss another.

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