Monday, May 25, 2015

So Today is Memorial Day...

So today is Memorial Day. A day to remember those who served, or are serving, maybe even loved ones who went before you. Hopefully you've taken some time out of your day to remember. I know I have, my Mom and I just finished a trip around to the family at cemeteries on both sides.

It's strange to think how much has changed throughout going over the years. Some years I didn't even go, then there were others I went with my mom, and dad. Then other times with my mom and grandparents. Then there was my Dad leaving on memorial day 5 years ago.

Who all am I remembering?

My grandparents passing, first my grandfather in 2010, then my grandmother in 2012. I remember going to the graves the best when I was with them. The stories they would tell at each family member's grave. I miss them everyday but learned to enjoy seeing purple semis, never waste a good shrimp, and developed an undying love for shoes and stuffed animals from them. They always thought they embarrassed me by dancing in the stores and malls. The truth is though, I was always proud they were actually good, and that they had the guts to do it. It's at this point that tears start streaming down my cheeks writing this, but I shall continue on! They were two of my biggest supporters, and never treated me like I was any different because of my CP. They treated me like I was grandchild number 13, the youngest of the bunch.

Then there is Melba, the M, in my Lindsay M. My grandmother on my Dad's side of the family, murdered, when my father was all too young. I never met her, and have only seen pictures. But it is her murder that inspired me to seek a B.A. in Criminology&Criminal Justice, and Sociology...It was also what inspired me to go back and get my paralegal certificate. So even though I never knew her, it was her life that has impacted me greatly.

Then there is my Uncle. Whom I never knew that well. But knew enough to know how great a guy he was, and that I didn't have to know him that well, we were family, that's all I really needed to know. He also never criticized me for being quiet, and always commented that I was growing up too fast, I would tend to agree looking back on things.

It is from these people I learned some of the most important things, and can only hope I'm making them proud.

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