Sunday, May 17, 2015

Advocacy...Part 1

So it was through contacting United Cerebral Palsy, that I got in touch with Easter Seals of Iowa. For those that don't know Easter Seals in general provides a variety of services for adults, youths, and veterans. If you know of Easter Seals then you probably first think of their camp program. This ranges from youth to adults. They have different themed camps for people with disabilities. Have I ever been to camp? Yes, but a different one, not especially geared towards disabilities.

So what am I doing with Easter Seals? Advocacy of course. Lately it's been emailing state senators and representatives. What about? Why saving funding for those programs that deal with mental illnesses, and physical and developmental disabilities, of course. I've only gotten one response from a senator who had stated he voted in favor of keeping the funding, but hey, I got a response! And a good one at that! Later this month I'll be visiting the camp, and going on a tour and have a meeting, hopefully telling me what more I can do for them! All  I know is I'm excited for what the future holds when it comes to the opportunities to advocate.

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