Friday, May 15, 2015

My Coworkers

My coworkers throughout the years have been varying in their acceptance of my CP.
The bakery coworkers are awesome in general. They are supportive of me, lend a hand when needed, or joke around about things when need be. A few are from a different generation and so do not always know when something is a compliment or an insult, but for the most part, they are an accepting bunch, and I wouldn't trade them.

Coworkers I had at the emergency youth shelter I worked at were not as accepting of my CP, they would stare, make fun of the way I walked, insult my intelligence, call me autistic when I'm not. They were all around nasty towards my CP.

When I verified employment, my CP never really came up, no one ever noticed it as it was more of a solo job.

When I worked at a craft store, it came up, as it effected my speed. One of the managers was downright mean to me because I was slower. And so, I left.

When I worked retail, it never came up, I left due to needing to focus on my schooling.

What I'm really trying to convey is this; my coworkers I have now are really awesome when it comes to my CP. However not all of my coworkers everywhere have been as accepting. Some do make fun of it, despite having been adults. Sometimes I've been able to hide my CP. Some are not so lucky. Please consider this before criticizing your coworkers. They could end up writing a blog about you... I felt the need to write this after having mentioned my workplace, that while some customers don't quite get it, most of my coworkers are cool about it.

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