Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Disabilities in the Media

I don't normally rant, but when I do...
Anyways here I go. How many TV shows or movies can you think of that have characters with disabilities?...Now how many of those characters are in wheelchairs? Are deaf and go to a special school? How many walk among the "normal" people? How many are accepted by their peers?  Treated normally?

What I'm trying to say is that if you need a character with a disability they are most likely in a wheelchair or deaf. Does that really represent disabilities correctly? No. Are those ever the main characters, maybe, but they are usually treated differently. Now I don't know about other people with CP, I can only speak for myself. But CP is not as well represented in the media that is television and movies, or at least not growing up. Now granted there was a Miss Iowa that has CP,in like 2008 I believe, and there was a comedian  with CP. But that's about it. There were no TV shows that had someone with CP fitting in, being considered normal among their peers. If anything there was a show that had a kid in a wheelchair being taken care of. Or a deaf kid, being taken care of. Nothing like what I've actually experienced, nothing like that of a normal life, and oh, by the way, they have CP. My point is this, if disabilities ARE represented it's usually with a wheelchair, the characters, are usually looked down upon, it's never anyone with a mild disability that has assimilated into the norm. Nothing like what I actually experienced. There needs to be better representation of CP in the media. There needs to be a more accurate portrayal in the media. Now if any show writers that happen to be in the biz see this. I demand half credit for having given you this idea, I'm serious...

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