Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Goals for the Future...

Thought I'd take a suggestion from the audience& a good friend.... So these are goals I have for the future...
1. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando's theme park
2. Graduate from DMACC with my paralegal certificate
3. Get job with said certificate
4. Ultimate dream job would be Amazon's legal department, specifically the copyright law area as a paralegal, however, that's in Seattle.
5. After obtaining job, move out once through probationary period.
6. Travel to see all of my extended family, where they live, rather than meet up in Iowa for a funeral, as what usually happens.
7. Travel to see the US.
8. Travel the world-wherever that takes me, I have friends that are kinda spread out right now.
9. Visit my friends that live outside of Ames, that some I have not seen since high school. Again, before it comes down to reunions in Ames.
10. Reconnect with those I don't see on a regular basis (so if I see you at least once a week, you're fine)
11. Become a known advocate for cerebral palsy awareness
12. Never miss another teachable moment.
13. Travel as an advocate for cerebral palsy awareness
14. Live in Colorado (Not during the winter)
15. Live in Louisiana-yes I love Cajun flavored food (Not during hurricane season)
16. Find spicy food-so spicy, I cannot finish it.
17. Visit my brother and get to all the places we didn't get to go my first trip out to CA
18. Be happy, I already am, I just want to keep on with that
19. Continue blogging
20. Maybe become a published author-just what would I write about for that many pages? I like my writing like me-short,sweet, and to the point...
21. Finally make it to Zombie Burger...

So there you have it, my goals for the future. Hope you're happy with the list my old friend that suggested this. Note I didn't say anything about relationships, and that's cuz  it's just not a goal of mine. The relationships I'm supposed to have, I'll have.

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