Friday, March 9, 2018

Bring a Friend

Dear Readers, Family, and Friends,
I get this phrase a lot, there are some that genuinely mean a friend, others that mean a date, that secret boyfriend I seem to be hiding from everyone, even me...Or on occasion-my mother (granted I was blessed with one of "the cool Moms"). Crap, even I say it at my game nights, just so you have someone to talk among yourselves with, that you know, so that your guests feel more comfortable. I know that's what people mean when they say that for game nights.
     Then there are weddings, where the phrase being repeated to you is "bring a friend"...where it is explained to you that your friends from high school, college, work, mutual or wherever, MAY or MAY NOT be there to dance the night away with,and they don't want you to be lonely, so with all the good intentions that exist exuding from them, they repeat to you, No, you CAN BRING A FRIEND, meaning bring a damn date-Linds, we all know you're hiding a secret boyfriend, even from yourself...

Let's face it, put yourself in my position, all my friends are either: A. Hosting, B. YOU ALREADY INVITED THE MUTUAL ONES YOU WANT TO SEE, C. Are even more terrified of meeting new people-than I am, yes, I'm the extrovert like that, D. Already have plans, E. Out of the Country(sometimes for extended periods of time), F. Are married (opt. kids to take care of),G. I DON"T HAVE A BOYFRIEND-SECRET, KNOWN, REAL, nor IMAGINARY (all my guy friends are either working, single and like it, not interested in me like that, married with optional kids to take care of, live no where near me or are gay-and married to some guy, or have plans, live no where near me...)
     So basically, if you invite me, you get just me, no this is not based on any one person, no I am not pissed, as I stated I even say it, just to make my peeps more comfortable, but the above paragraph are where my mind goes, when my mouth says otherwise, or my fingers type another thing, I thought even those friends and family this is about would find this freaking hilarious-please don't be offended, this is just me being all "self-love" and single with some possible slight bitterness mixed in. Remember to laugh it off as such.
I love you all,

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  1. Have you met my boyfriend, George glass? Hopefully you get the reference!