Thursday, March 8, 2018

Speak Up! (International Women's Day 2018)

     This is International Women's Day, 2018. Dear Readers it occurs to me that some of you may not know this.  Well, it is. It's a day that is just what it sounds like. A day to celebrate women internationally. For me, I'll be touting my accomplishments to a recruiter of a large company, via a phone interview. I'll also be doing laundry, cleaning, and in general flaunting my domesticity. But the fact that I am not chained to domesticity, is reason to celebrate. Yes, it needs to be celebrated, and protests for those that are still chained to that. Change world wide needs to come to have those women be able to function like normal members of society.
     No, I do not consider you a feminist, guys, if you like so many others claim to be said feminist, then ask out every lady you find attractive, regardless of age- I just see you as a predator, that needs to be stopped. Hence the invention of mace, so many years ago, and laws for people like you, small sliver of the male population. For those that are true feminists, go you, I consider myself to be one of you. I will continue to speak up for control over no ones bodies, but that if you want me to be okay, than males need control over their's just a much as women do. If you've read previous posts, you know what I suggest. I'm not going to repeat it, in order for me to be truly okay with their being government control over my body.
      Don't get me wrong, in the United States, it is pretty awesome to be a female, a Lutheran female, and a single female, I have numerous rights, can do whatever I WANT to do, that I know of. I can also protest, and advocate for change, as I've done in the past, in my younger days, when I was lighter, and slightly more mobile, I did marches and walks, sit down protests at blood drives (note, I've donated blood before as well).
     My point is this, yes life for me is fairly awesome, but there still needs to be change for my fellow women, Speak up!

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