Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Letter of Concern

Dear Readers,

     I know, and you know what just took place yesterday. Donald Trump, became President Trump. What does this mean for us? Yes, possibly 4 years of hell. BUT, only if we let it be. I do not, nor have I ever thought, burning limos was the way to peace, in the country in which I live, obviously some might disagree.

     While it has been promised by President Trump, to keep those with pre-existing health conditions, with health care, meaning I get to keep all my Dr.s for now...I also am a 27 year old White person, Female, technically disabled, but most importantly white, and I forgot to mention straight.

     My point is this, being white, and having taken all my Sociology and Psychology, not to mention my Social Psychology courses,not that long ago, there is a white privilege in this country, YOU may not think it so, but it does exist, even more so for white straight males. So yes, I worry for those of my friends who are not, with this new leadership. How will their individual rights fair during this presidency? This country just elected a man, who at the beginning promised even more control over female bodies, deportation, stricter screening of Muslims, so much so, that Mr. President, if you do ever end up seeing this, the only next logical step seemed to be you suggesting internment camps for them, which had my father, who fully backed your campaign, caused him not to see the extreme outrageous extent of it all, in a conversation with him. I do not believe it is the group, nor the weapon that kills the person, it is the individual, who pulls the trigger, or stabs the knife. We CANNOT assume entire demographics of people are all full of hatred, or the next 4 years will indeed be hell.

     What about the LGBTQ community, what happens to their rights, for those that may not know, and not to out anybody, but they are some of my near and dearest to my heart friends & family. Nothing will ever change that, as I will always choose love for those two groups of people, my friends and family.

     For who are any of us to judge anyone really? Even you, Mr. President. Who knows what the next 4 years will bring, I only ask that it be filled with hope, love and laughter. Not the burning of limos, as with all those protestors that came before, there is a way to be heard, and a way to destroy the very thing you wish to preserve.

I'm still concerned, or scared rather.

Love to those I hold dear,

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